Fair for all

Just off another lovely three day weekend. I took Monday off this week so I could go to the MN State Fair with Nate. So hard to believe August comes to a close today and tomorrow marks September and the slow creep into my favorite season ever, Fall.

We had a great time at the Fair even though it was one of the hotter ones we've dealt with for a number of years. We've been quite spoiled by picking a day the last few years that has ended up cool and comfortable. The downside of that has been that it's usually been the first Saturday of the Fair and often times it has been the first nice day of the Fair and it ends up mega crowded. So this year we chose to take a day off of work and go. When I saw the forecast for yesterday I was a little unsure, but we went with it and like I said, we ended up having a great time.

It was somewhat comfortable for close the first two hours actually. There was a breeze and the sun was in and out of clouds. We chose that time to go to the animal buildings before it got too hot and smelly later. We still managed to eat a pretty large amount of food - nothing terribly out of the ordinary this year, mostly just hit up our favorites. My favorite thing we did was sample six different types of wine at the MN Wine exhibit in the Agriculture building. I got a chance to taste some from some wineries I haven't even heard of before and now have some wonderful ideas for fall field trips!

We rode the Skyride and Ye Old Mill - both must do attractions for me from the time I was young. We wandered through some other buildings - the Art Building, the Eco living building, the Home Improvement building (and somewhere my father is going - "there is a God!" because I used to HATE that building as a kid). Nate bought a really awesome hat in Heritage Square.

It was a really nice day. We got out of there about 2:30 or so when the sun really started to get to be too much.

I have to say, we've really been making the most of these final days of summer. I'm not sad about summer winding down. I'm enjoying myself in the moment and am looking forward to the days to come, because they are my favorite of the entire year.

*Quick note on my thoughts on the Emmys - last year I ranted and raved about the Emmy awards and how it was the same old, same old. This year I was extremely pleased - I feel they really got it right in most all of the categories and there was quite a bit of variety in the winners this year. And I have now added the first season of three different shows to my Netflix queue as well just based on things I saw!*


Gina said...

Sounds like a wonderful time! I can't wait until Steve and I finally go to the fair next year. We haven't gone for 2 years!

Jes said...

I'm glad you two had such a great time at the Fair! I'd love to see your list of wineries to visit ;) Take me with you! lol!!