All work and some play

Our weekend was a mix of work and play - but mostly work!

Friday night was the 10 year reunion. We got dinner before hand at one of our favorite places and then headed over. It was a nice event - nice to see people I haven't in a very long while, but it was crowded and noisy and a bit overwhelming too. We got our fill and then finished out the evening with tiki drinks at another nearby bar.

Our table at the reunion - credit to Jenny Rae Photography

Then Saturday we got up bright and early and set in to finish up all our scraping and painting issues on the outside of the house to be ready for the appraisal. We worked from about 10:30 until almost 3:00 - and had help from some very generous friends, so we definitely appreciated that. Still, it was a long day of work but I'm pleased with the results. My garage door for one looks practically brand new. We may attempt to finish painting the outside with the leftover paint just because we have it and it really does clean up the look of the house.

Saturday night we had a barbeque with some other good friends at the Holland's house and enjoyed sitting on their gorgeous patio - it's so lovely! As we sat, we felt the cold front pass through, suddenly it was about 10 degrees cooler outside, windy and it even rained a bit. We went home and threw the windows open and enjoyed a nice night for sleeping.

Sunday I got up and sang with Summer Choir at St. William's at the early mass. Got home and set to work again, this time on the inside of the house. We vaccumed out all of the windows, cleaned up areas of the house and decided it was as good as it gets. Finished our weekend with my in-laws at one of our favorite restaurants, Donatelli's.

Today we have the appraisal so I'm just sitting back and praying now and hoping we pass enough to just get the loan approved and done now. If we have to go back and fix anything it could set us back a bit. Here goes nothing!


Jes said...

I'm glad we could help out! My fingers are crossed that the appraisal goes well today!!

Gina said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! Hope it goes well.

simplicity said...

Hope today goes well.
You're right it was loud and at times overwhelming.