Nate and I had a little discussion over the weekend about our running program. We have been struggling a bit ever since the week we totally missed out because I was sick. Yes we did get back into a running groove, but have been having trouble progressing past a certain point. We kind of stopped following our program from Nike and just kind of went at it our own way.

In some cases, that strategy can work out quite well. For us, we finally decided we need to be more disciplined than that and decided to restart the training program. Not all the way from the beginning - but we figured about where we felt like we were at in terms of how much we could handle and then matched up to the right week. Unfortunately it is putting us all the way back at week five, but I do think it's for the best.

I am glad that in spite of our issues over the last month and a half or so that we did keep going out there and running as much as we could. I still feel good about that, but it was almost as if we were running in circles with no where to go, metaphorically speaking. Now I feel like we are moving forward again.

They say that you should restart your computer every now and then if you leave it on all the time because it helps with the "health" of the computer. Seems to me the same philosophy is true with our bodies. No shame in hitting the "restart" button on our physical selves.

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