So I have a smallish dilemma on my hands. Any male readers, bear with me for a bit here - I'm going to talk beauty.

About a year and a half ago I decided that it was nothing against the hair stylist I was going to as a person, but I no longer liked the way she cut my hair and also, was tired of only being able to make Saturday appointments. So I shopped around and took an appointment at a different salon, that was even closer to home - maybe five minutes away.

I immediately loved my new stylist K. Right off the bat she had ideas to freshen up my style without changing it too much. She simply had me part my hair differently and only touched it up that first time. I was impressed enough that I went back to her the next time I needed a trim. After I was seeing her for a few months I took the first steps towards drastically changing my look. With her help after another few months we finally got my hair into a style that I can honestly say for the first time in my adult life I truly, truly love. She is an expert on short hair and has helped me really find a style that not only I can easily work with at home, but that grows out nicely. I find I am not super annoyed with my hair in between cuts and that was huge for me. I had a hard time for years with that.

The salon is somewhat upscale I would say. And my cuts did go up a couple of dollars from my old stylist when I started going to K. But, I felt like it was worth it, I was saving gas because it was closer to home and her schedule has many openings on different days of the week and different times. So, paying an extra dollar or two didn't seem like a big deal.

Well, K has now passed some tests to make her what's considered a "senior stylist" and while this is awesome for her, with such a title means something else - she is raising her prices. Kind of alot. And this is where my dilemma comes in. I am not sure if I want to pay these higher prices - but I fear I will not find someone who will cut my hair as well! Do I pay the price, especially when I only go in ever six-seven weeks sometimes? Do I shop around and just try something else to see how it goes, knowing I could easily just go back to K?

I am just curious for anyone who wants to share - do you go to a salon? If so, what is the going rate for your hair stylist, if you would be comfortable sharing that with me? If you'd rather not comment below but wouldn't mind emailing it to me: muppetmusic22@gmail.com - I would appreciate it. Maybe if I see what others are paying I can either justify staying with K who makes me so happy or it'll kick me in the pants to get the heck out of there and find someone else.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Oh and boys - yes I know most of you go to barbers and pay much cheaper prices - I have a husband, I know how that works. :)


Gina said...

Well as you know I see your old stylist still although now she is at Lavendar Lane. For a cut with her I pay $35 I believe. Normally I don't go in for a trim and I only see her twice a year and I do everything including my color. I hope this helps you!

Alexandra said...

I go to a salon and pay $40 for a wash, cut, and style. And I generally go in every 6 weeks (although this month I had to postpone, and now my hair is driving me bonkers). But she's awesome, so it's worth it to me. Also, the salon is two blocks away. So...the convenience is worthwhile, too.

Mrs. Schrader said...

I go to a salon and pay $35 for a wash, cut and style. But I only go twice a year. I do thin that having a good haircut is important to how you feel, there for it is important to go someplace to get a good cut. Good luck making up your mind.

Cyndy said...

I go to an upscale salon and spa in Minnetonka. I see one of the owners and she charges quite a bit ($48 for just the cut and I do color, foils, condition treatment and etc on top of the cut), but she is totally worth it. I always go in not knowing what I want. She always knows the latest trends and tries things out on me and have always loved what she has created with cut and color. I think it is totally worth the extra$. You can easily cut out something else to splurge on something to make you feel pretty and sassy!

Beth said...

Thank you all! You have helped me justfy staying with K and that makes me happy!

simplicity said...

I usually pay around 40ish including tip. I don't go in often enough! ha! It totally depends on what's happening in life and when I have time and sometimes (like right now) I probably need a cut but I'm liking my long, unruly hair.

Julie said...

I see Jill at Todaze Hair. Love her. She charges $35 for a shampoo, cut and style. Eyebrow waxes are $14, but with a haircut they're half off. Sometimes if you pluck before hand and they look "good-enough", she'll touch them up for free! It's the foils that get spendy.