It's the little things

I have such an amazing and wonderful husband. Sometimes it's just the the little things.

We haven't had the greatest week as I have shared - we might have one more option to refinance but otherwise we're moving on. Anyway, yesterday we had planned to grill and relax at home, but we forgot to take out our meat to thaw and then the weather was questionable. So, Nate said "I have an idea, but it's a secret." He came home and made me get in the car and wouldn't tell me where we were going.

I was making guesses the whole way based on where he was driving - we ended up going where I was totally not expecting and may not seem like a big deal to some of you - but we ended up at Red Lobster. I love seafood, I've been craving it and it's expensive so we don't tend to go very much. I thought it was sweet that he decided we deserved a treat.

I enjoyed myself, had the wood fired shrimp that I love and for the first time ever, had crab legs. Boy are they messy to eat!

Just that gesture on his part was enough to make some of the yuckies of this whole week kind of melt away. Today I am feeling somewhat better. And I'm on to a three day weekend - can't beat that.

Like I said, it's the little things sometimes that count.


Gina said...

Oh that is so sweet! What a great guy your hubby is!!

Jes said...