Then and now

Senior prom - May 2000

And Now
Rock the Garden - June 2010
When you look at the last 10 years for Nate and I, not that much really has changed. Same story, different day. We are as in love now as we were then.
Tonight we go to our 10 year high school reunion. As I said earlier this summer I find myself almost wondering, how did we get here? Where did the last 10 years go? But then if you really look at everything the two of us have been through and done since walking across that stage to receive our diplomas - well, I can see how the time flew by.
I am nervous, but somewhat excited for this evening. Again, we have no surprises in our life. Everyone knew we'd end up together. I look forward to reminicing and looking back. Catching up with where people are now. It is almost like a rite of passage in a way.
And then on to the next 10 years and who knows what that will bring? It will be fun to find out!


Gina said...

Have fun tonight at the reunion! Tell me all about it tomorrow!!

Jes said...

it will be a fun night!