The return of lobster legs

I had a day off today and chose to spend it at a place that is becoming one of my "must go to" summer destinations - the Elm Creek Park Reserve man made beach. Yes my friends, it's a beach, but it's chlorinated! No weeds or anything else icky at this beach!

Last year and this year I hooked up with my dear friend Gina and we make the most of our day - eat lunch, swim, lay in the sand.

Today was no exception - I ate lunch, I swam, I played with Gina's niece and nephews and then settled in for the one thing I was most excited about - laying on a towel in the sand. I coated myself in SPF 30 Sport (meaning it should NOT wash off) suntan lotion.

After I got hot I went back in the water for a bit. Not long after we left for the day. I came home, I took my shower, I made dinner. No problem.

Just now, I went to take my evening relaxation bath and discovered my body is RED. Maybe worse than the sunburn I got last year in which I earned the title of "Lobster Legs". This year in addition to lobster legs, I have lobster arms, lobster hands and lobster back - the back may actually be the worst spot.

It was not my intention to come home with a sunburn - but I guess the damage is done. Aloe Vera will be my friend this week and I'm glad I have ALOT of skirts. Here's hoping it fades fast.

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Gina said...

Oh no!!! That's not good! I got burnt on my back and then the bottom of my feet from when we left the beach. I guess pushing the stroller through that hot sand didn't make my feet very happy. It's extremely painful when I walk. Ouch! Hope it fades fast for you!