Just rambling

It is a short work week.

My upcoming three day weekend promises to be very fun.

This past weekend was also rather fun.

But while these are all good things - they are distracting me because they are all I can think about! It makes for a rather long day at work, I'll tell you that much!

Other than that not that much is new in Beth and Nate world! Now that we have that bedroom finished we are taking a well deserved break on house projects. Now Nate can focus on his newest beer adventures of moving to kegging. He also dropped off his Chocolate Stout version 2 to be judged in the State Fair beer contest. I'm proud of him, I hope it does well!

So there you go. I just hope this week, be it a short one, moves very fast! I know right now it seems like it won't, but come next Monday at this time I'm sure I will be complaining that it flew by too fast. That is just how things go some times.

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