Another post of random thoughts

Just a few random thoughts on a rainy Friday morning.

Tomorrow Nate and I head to the State Fair. We don't know if we'll actually get to see his beer on display or not. We do know an awards ceremony is being held tomorrow afternoon near the Education building and we plan to go and observe, even though he is not expecting to take home any awards this year, we still thought it would be fun. I will report back if we actually do find his beer on display anywhere, but I'm not holding my breath. The beer contest is a little odd.

To the City of Columbia Heights - so kind of you to invite us to your picnic for our neighborhood. Oh wait, you DIDN'T invite us. We had to find out from another neighbor and it was a little last minute. We would've loved to have had the chance to meet some of our neighbors, but finding out five minutes before said picnic (that was potluck too) was not going to work for us, therefore we didn't go. So here's a little note, next time, make sure you deliver the flier to EVERY house on the block. Ok? Thank you.

On a good neighborhood note - Silverwood Park, formerly the Salvation Army Camp on Silver Lake, is now open by us and it is LOVELY. The trails are great, the visitor center is fabulous, complete with snack bar. There are several classes coming up this Fall I'm even considering signing up for - ceramics and a coffee brewing seminar. That's awesome. We've needed something like this for a long time and I'm excited it's more or less within walking distance of our house.

That's about all I have today. It's Friday and I'm excited for my weekend. So there you go!

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