As promised

Here are pictures of our new bedroom. But honestly I don't think the pictures do it justice at all. So you'll all just have to come visit! :)

My side of the room

Nate's side of the room (yes that is a full basket of dirty laundry...)

Our bed - not real pretty, but it's a bed!
I am so insanely happy to have this project done. We do want to paint our living room eventually as we've had the paint bought for that project for over a year now - but honestly right now it's the last thing I want to start! I'm sure once I get a nice long paint break I'll feel up to doing it. It may end up being our winter project this year. We'll just take it a day at a time for now!


Gina said...

oh the bedroom looks awesome!!! I can't wait to see it in person tomorrow! Great job!!

Jes said...

It looks great!!!