The piano in the parlour

Years ago I visited New Orleans on a school trip. This would be the school trip in which Nate and I became a couple in fact, so sadly, that's the memory that sticks out most for me about visiting New Orleans, but thankfully, I have some pictures of some of the sites we saw. You know the actual cultural things!

Anyway, one of the pictures I took that I always loved was of a display we saw in an old fashioned house called "The Piano in the Parlour". It was a simple upright piano, probably used to play that awesome jazz music of the early 1900's. At any rate, I always liked the picture and I though, wouldn't it be cool if I had a piano in a parlour someday?

Well, we don't have a parlour. But we do now have a piano! I've been told that the living room in our house was sort of purposely built to have a piano in one spot, as the owner before Nate's great aunt was a music teacher at I believe St. Anthony schools. As mentioned previously, we chatted with my in-laws who had a piano they really wanted to get rid of, and worked out a deal to take it.

It really does look like it's meant for the space that we put it in. I've said before, I don't play and neither does Nate. I figure though, I know enough that I can plunk notes when I need to learn a new song to sing and maybe I'll even start teaching myself. And maybe we'll have a child someday who really wants to learn or takes to it really well or something!

At any rate, I just think it looks really cool. My own piano in the parlour(or living room).

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Jes said...

I love your piano! It does look perfect in that spot :)