Moving Right Along

Foot loose and fancy free...oh wait, this isn't the Muppet movie...sorry about that!

In all seriousness though, we're really moving right along on our home projects. Thanks to some help from my sister-in-law last night, I think we'll be able to be completely finished this weekend.

Tonight we are having the piano moved to our house. The furniture has been rearranged and we're ready for it!

We need to just paint one more window frame in the new bedroom and install a ceiling fan and that is about it! We plan to swap the bedrooms on Sunday afternoon.

So there is definite light at the end of the tunnel! We will have a busy weekend unfortunately, big family picnic in Austin, MN for my mom's family on Saturday and Praise Project at two masses on Sunday, but we should still be able to play the swapping game on Sunday afternoon.

I just can't believe after all this time we will finally be done! I am dreading doing anymore painting projects at home, even though we really need to paint our living room, I'm going to take a little painting break for awhile. Maybe we'll do it early this fall...

On we go!

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Gina said...

Oh I can't wait to see it!!! I bet it just makes the room look so wonderful, new and crisp!! Way to go on completing the big project...just wait until you do your living room. If you need help, I'm just a phone call away!