Sometimes you need some kind of change

So because we made a ton of other changes to our house this summer, I decided I needed a change too! So, I got a new hairstyle. I like to constantly evolve my looks, but this time I just really wanted to go for something super simple. And I was very pleased with the results! Here is a before and after.

Early summer

Today (hair was cut on Thursday)

I apologize that the second picture is a wee bit fuzzy, but hopefully you can see the difference. Right now I am just so happy that it takes less than five minutes to do my hair in the morning! Change is good!


Gina said...

Oh wow!!! I LOVE your haircut! It looks so cute and becoming on you!

simplicity said...

Very cute hair. I also like that cardigan with the bird, where's it from?

Beth and Nate said...

Got it at Target two summers ago I believe.

Thanks for nice comments ladies!

Jes said...

I love it :)