Some of my favorite things

It's my 50th post! I can't believe it! In honor of the 50th post I bring you one of my world famous lists because I have a lack of inspiration for anything else exciting. Here are 50 of my favorite things. And once again, yes it is a "Beth AND Nate blog" but I am the author and I can do whatever I want, ha ha. I'm really just kidding around. But here are some of my favorites, 50 sounds like alot, but it doesn't take long to scroll through, it's probably shorter than Facebook's 25 random things about me list was! If you ever want to know why I picked these things as my favorite feel free to ask as I am not going to elaborate too much!

50 Favorite Things
Book: My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult
Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Television Show: (Of all time) Friends, (current) How I Met Your Mother
Radio station: The Current or Cities 97
Food: Pizza
Fruit: Strawberries
Drink (non-alcoholic): Vanilla latte
Drink (alcoholic): Nate's beer or good wine
Dessert: Oreo related anything (ice cream, pie, etc.)
Singer: Sarah McLachlan
Singing group: Goo Goo Dolls
Muppet: Rowlf the Dog
Color: Purple
Flower: Rose
Animal: Penguin
Vacation destination: Toss up between Disney World and Northern Minnesota (like Duluth area) I know, yin and yang right?
Vegetable: Carrots
Restaurant: changes frequently, right now it's probably Old Chicago
Store: Target
Mall: Maplewood Mall
Soda: Coca Cola (though I pretty much don't drink pop anymore)
Wii Game: Mario Kart
Fast food type place: Chipotle or Potbelly
Coffee shop: Caribou
Day of the week: Friday
Cartoon: either the Pink Panther or anything related to Peanuts
Halfway there! Still reading??
Candy: Cherry Jolly Rancher
Girl Scout cookie flavor: Thin Mint
Type of wine: Riesling or a variety of kinds from MN wineries
Sport: Ha ha, yes I know, Beth doesn't do sports right? But I do enjoy playing a little golf each year.
Ice cream place: Grandpa's in Fridley
Soap: Dove
Toothpaste: Crest
Writing utensil: A blue pen
Quote: "I do not regret the things I have done, but those I did not do" Lucas from Empire Records
Bible saying: "For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future" - Jeremiah 29:11 (always taken great comfort in this one)
Song from church: Toss up between Breathe or Shelter Your Name
Season: Fall
Holiday: Christmas
Form of exercise: Walking
Rainy day activity: Coloring
Chore: Vacuuming
Purse Shoppe: Lillian's (like Fun Sisters if you have heard of that one - sorry, I love purses!)
Summer activity: The State Fair (even if it's at the end of summer)
Number: 3
Smell: Fresh clean laundry
Childhood memory: The first time my parents took me to Disney World and it was combined with a cruise on the Big Red Boat
Childhood toy: My Cabbage Patch Doll named Willie
Article of clothing: Jeans and a hoodie - man I miss the days where I could wear these items everyday!
Job I've ever had: Working at the library
Piece of jewelry: My wedding ring
Person: My husband

There you have it. Maybe you even learned something new about me! At any rate, it was fun, so I hope everyone enjoyed. Stay tuned, this blog isn't ending just because I hit 50 posts!

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