A little of this, a little of that

Our lives have been so crazy busy lately, yet I don't have anything all that exciting to blog about. So instead, here's just a little peak at what we've been up to lately.

Nate made homemade bagel dogs one day last week. If you don't know what bagel dogs are, they are these bagel type bread stuffed with a cheddarwurst hot dog. He used to get them from Schwans when he lived at his parents house, but seeing how spendy that would be, decided to attempt to make them from scratch. They turned out awesomely! I am hoping to get him to blog about the process on our food blog at some point since I really didn't help make them so I couldn't tell you all the things he did. But I can tell you - they are delicious!

We are moving forward on getting ready to have a new furnace/air conditioner system installed. There are deals out there that are just too good to resist and we will save money on energy bills once this is complete. I have to thank my parents, especially my dad for getting alot of the leg work done on getting this going and for helping us make this possible right now instead of waiting another couple of years.

Nate has brewed a new batch of beer. This will be the first new batch we've had in a couple of months actually. He's brewing a pale ale, it'll be a nice light beer for the summer months ahead. It's hard to believe he's been doing this now for almost a year! I cannot believe all of the different types of beer we've had!

Very soon my mother in law, sister in law and myself will be making our jam - which I think is going to be an annual Kondrick women tradition in June. We did it last year and it was fun and well received by those we shared it with! It helps that we have a ton of rhubarb at our house to work with!

This coming Saturday we're attempting to once again have some of our friends over for beer and bonfire fun. We were supposed to do this in May, but that is when Nate became ill, so it did not happen. I've looked ahead and the weather looks fantastic for Saturday, so now we just have to remain healthy!

Our Praise Project music group is singing at our first masses at St. Williams, the church that we've most often been attending in about week. Father's Day, June 21st to be exact at the 8:45 and 10:30 masses. We're definitely looking forward to singing for mass again as it has been quite awhile now since doing it. If things go well, I may also become a cantor for St. Williams which I know I would enjoy, but I'm taking it one day at a time for right now!

Other than that we have the day to day of work, making dinner, chores around the house, playing with the kitties, watching shows we've downloaded or I mean, we have found....and that's about it. And you know what? That's enough for now!

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