And you shall hearby be called...

I have taken into consideration some suggestions along with some of my own thoughts and I have come up with a new name for the blog.

Welcome to:

Harmonious Chaos...Our Crazy, Busy, Beautiful Life!

It fits. We're busy, we're crazed, but you know what? I love our life. And I love the life Nate and I are creating together. So there you go.

Thanks to those who sent suggestions, I'll try some other reader participation type things in the future.

Speaking of our crazy, busy, beautiful life - this weekend is another busy one for us! Tomorrow we go to the Rock the Garden concert at the Walker Art Center, Sunday we sing at two masses at St. Williams with Praise Project and it's Father's Day and we decided to have both families over for a picnic. So we'll be a little crazed, but it should all be fun!

Oh a note - you will still access this blog through the same url: http://bethandnate.blogspot.com

Hope everyone enjoys what's to come!


Gina said...

I love the new blog name!!! Fits you and Nate's personality perfectly!!! Hope that you guys have a great weekend. Enjoy singing. I will be thinking of you and miss joining in on the fun.

simplicity said...

Love the new name! Perfect!!