Be Well Challenge

So today I am starting a five week challenge with my co-workers. Fairview is sponsoring a program called the "Be Well Challenge" encouraging folks to engage in a healthier lifestyle. Now, I don't think I'm not living a healthy lifestyle, but improvements can always be made. So, when one of my co-workers invited me to join her team I said "ok!"

How it works is, you get points each day for doing one of three things. 1. Exercise 30 minutes or more. 2. Eat five servings of fruits and vegetables 3. Do a stress relieving activity. You can only earn a maximum of 3 points for doing something from each category. It is on the honor system, but cheating would only be cheating yourself. As a team, we report to Fairview's Wellness dept and the team who earns the most points at the end can win prizes and such. By participating as a group we can encourage each other, share ideas, activities and recipes.

I do work out every morning, but I usually only do about 15 minutes or so. So I will need to try and find time to do at least another 15 minutes in the evening. I really need to work on my fruits and veggies. As far as stress relief goes, I'm living relatively stress free right now and had started working on stress relief activities when I quit picking my fingers (six weeks going strong) so I will just keep that up.

I am asking friends and family to help me out with the fruits/veggies - send me recipes or ideas you have for getting more of them in your diet. I do like to eat salads and a variety of fruits but sometimes it gets boring eating the same old, same old. Also, if anyone is up for an evening walk ever, give me a call!

The challenge is five weeks long, so we'll see how it goes. I am feeling pretty positive though that I will be relatively successful! Wish me luck!


Gina said...

Well you know the broccoli salad is always an option!!! Plus we're going to be walking on Tuesday night. I'm game with walking whenever!

Daeda said...

One of our favorites for fruits has been to have more smoothies. Fruits are often very expensive, but you can buy frozen fruits and they are so tasty in smoothies. Like right now I'm having a peaches and cream smoothie made up of vanilla yogurt, vanilla protein powder, and lots of frozen peaches. Its very easy to find smoothie recipes as well, they are all over the internet!