Name that blog

Hello readers!

I've been thinking alot about this over the past few days and I'd like to re-name this blog. It's still about Nate and me and our lives together, but there are many times I like to blog about other topics too. I just love to write and share my thoughts with whoever is finding them interesting - and I know that people read this blog because I have this cool little site meter thing that tells me so. Yep that's right, you stalk me, I stalk you. Ok I'm kidding really. It doesn't tell me much more than what city people are reading from, but still, it let's me know that someone out there finds my writing interesting!

At any rate, I feel that this blog has become more than just "the life and times of the Kondricks" as it is titled right now and I really feel like changing it. This is not to say that I won't continue bringing you posts about Nate and myself and our life together, but it will free me up to write about other things, current events, my thoughts on various things in this crazy world we live in and not feel like it doesn't really "fit" here for some reason.

What I'm asking is if you're so inclined - send me suggestions! I'll be brainstorming myself as well, but thought I'd at least tap my readers to see if anything strikes you based on what you've read here. There's this little thing at the bottom of each entry that says "comments". Click there to leave a suggestion or to even just say hello. You can remain completely anonymous, that's fine. Once I've gathered a few suggestions and racked my own brain for ideas, I'll post them here and we'll have a little vote.

Sound fun? Reader participation. All the cool kids are doing it! I'll accept suggestions through next Friday, June 19th. So here we go!


simplicity said...

Meet the Kondricks
Life en route to 30?

I'm cheesy, just a few thoughts I had.

bethandnate said...

That's ok Samara, cheesy is good! So far all I've come up with is "Confessions of a Grown Up Muppet Fan" so I'm channeling the "cheesiness" too I guess!