Simple Things Bringing Me Joy

A friend of mine does a post every now and then on her blog called Simple Things Bringing Me Joy - she did so again and asked folks to join in and I decided, why not, a mood booster is a good thing sometimes!

So here are the simple things bringing me joy today:

1. The changes to my blog. You've probably noticed I now have a new header in addition to the font changes and signature. If you do Google Reader to read my blog, stop by the actual blog site and check it out. I'm pretty proud of what I've done and I think I've spruced things up quite a bit.

2. Nate's amazing cooking abilities. He experimented with a new white sauce styled pizza last night and let me tell you, the results were amazing. I benefit so much from his willingness to step outside of the box in the kitchen!

3. The predicted high of 40 degrees today. Even though I hear a return to winter is imminent, it gives me hope that spring can't be terribly far off at this point. It's out there somewhere!

4. My eyes - yes this will be on my happy lists for awhile to come - I am still so amazed at how well the surgery went and how something can so amazingly change my vision.

5. Coffee. Can't start my day without it!

There you go. What simple things are bringing you JOY today?


Gina said...

Love the list!!! Also I love all the changes to your blog. Very cute!!!

Julie said...

You describe yourselves perfectly. Love it!

Jes said...

Awesome :) And I do love the changes you have made to your blog!