Things might get a little musical

Summer is still months away (and seems even further away looking out at the fresh snowfall today - I choose to live here though, sigh) but it's shaping up to be a musical one!

We will be going to Rock the Garden as we always do - no matter the lineup, it's a "can't miss" event for us! The lineup will be announced in April, I can't wait to find out who is coming! The event will be June 18th this year.

Then we got tickets for July 3rd to see the Black Keys and Cage the Elephant (fun group names, no?) with some friends. Both groups are of the indie/rock/alternative type genre. I have heard a couple of Black Keys songs used in a couple of the TV shows we watch.

And then not even a week later on July 8th my mom and I are going to see Josh Groban at the Target Center. I'm geeking out with excitement over this one. He's got such an amazing voice and he's not bad to look at either. And I am not even paying anything to go and neither is my mom - thanks to some unused Ticketmaster gift cards that my parents haven't managed to use for anything else yet!

So, to quote Phoebe from Friends, this summer, "things might get a little musical" and in fact, they are guaranteed to!

Now if it only seemed less far away....


Gina said...

Oh how awesome!!! All those events sound like a lot of fun! Enjoy every single one of them!

Sally said...

Thanks so much for linking to us on your blog! We'll be reading yours. :)