We plan...

My grandma always used to say "We plan and God laughs." And I'm guessing right about now she's up there laughing too.

Last week I had thought that this week was going to be a perfect week to start our running. And as I reported earlier, we did. And then it iced and snowed four inches. And got cold.

Back to the drawing board I guess. I hear more improvement is on the way for next week so we'll be right back at it.

So much for plans!

In other news, yesterday I went down to use the elliptical since we clearly weren't going to be running. Our elliptical machine is in our laundry room with an extra TV. As I was getting ready to step on it, I saw what appeared to be standing water in a reservoir between the wall and the floor, carved out from our sump pump. Now, some days it still takes my eyes a few minutes to focus first thing in the morning since the Lasik (normal for at least another month or two), so I thought maybe I wasn't seeing clearly. But, I got closer and saw, oh yeah, that's water. Great.

Nate was in the shower by now so I went up and told him. He was still kind of waking up, so I assumed he wasn't really going to do anything about it, but later as I was drying my hair after my shower, he came up and told me that he thought that the sump pump wasn't working and possibly hadn't been for quite some time. He was going to suck the water up and then probably take it all apart after work.

The good news is after he sucked out the water, he figured out the problem - a cat toy AND a piece of plastic, likely from when it was installed, were clogging the drain, therefore, it wasn't kicking in. In fact, after hearing what it sounds like when it actually works, we think it's likely it hasn't worked at all since we've been in the house. Maybe it did in the first few months we were there as it was installed shortly before I moved in, but it hasn't for quite some time since then. But guess what, it does now! I'm pretty relieved, I wouldn't want a basement flood on our hands. We've been prone to a tiny amount of water here and there but I am guessing we won't have that problem anymore.

Just never know what each day will bring sometimes!


Joseph Scarbrough said...

Lol, yeah, I remember there's a very similar age-old saying that goes "If you wanna give God a good laugh, tell Him what your plans are."


Gina said...

Isn't that how it always works? Glad to hear you were able to get the sump pump situation corrected! Water in the basement is never good!

simplicity said...

Thankfully you caught the water before it spread elsewhere or damaged your basement. I totally get it, the best laid plans!! ha