Home Improvement

Ahh, the life of a homeowner. Or I guess I should say the life of an "older home" home owner. The projects are never ending. We had have a little lull in house projects over the winter here, but we're picking up again, almost in full speed.

So yesterday my dad came over to look at the lighting in our basement again. We've had some conversations in the past about it - basically we are going to take down two very industrial looking fluorescent light fixtures and move those into my laundry room to give more light in there and replace them with nicer light fixtures in the main room. But of course, when they took just one of these fixtures down yesterday it was revealed (not surprising though given other things we've found in the house) that the ceiling was patched horribly around the hole for the light and that there are extra wires up in the ceiling as well that serve no purpose whatsoever. My dad said, ok, a little more work that we would like, but let's do this right. He will cut a nicer cleaner hole in the ceiling and patch it up nicely, paint over it and then install our new light fixtures.

We also mentioned that over the bar we have been having this little water issue, something being caused from the upstairs bathroom. So, Nate and my dad took down part of the wall that is on the overhang over the bar and talked about it and we now think it's caused from cracked and falling apart grout up in our upstairs bathtub. So guess what other project we're going to tackle, hopefully in the next few days? Scraping out old grout and re-doing some of the grout in the upstairs bathtub. It really needs to be done even without the water problems it's causing. We'll have to really clean our downstairs shower so we can use it for a few days. Ultimately though we want to get this water problem solved, not only so it doesn't ruin our lovely brand new bar, but also so Nate can install some track lighting up above the bar as well.

So once again, what sounds like simple little projects at the start, have turned into something much more, but they are again things that will make our house just that much nicer in the long run!


Gina said...

I hear you about the home improvements! What fun with owning an older home! We discovered the same wire issue this weekend when we switched the ceiling fans. Kind of crazy! Can't wait to see the new lighting in the basement :)

Jes said...

Thank goodness you have a second shower to use while you are working on that grout! Good luck with all the jobs dear. Let us know if we can help!