Spring Fever

Yep I am in full fledged spring fever mode now. I am loving the warmer temperatures and I see the snow melting and I'm just totally there. Bring it on.

We have decided to attempt to start up our running program this Sunday. Yes that is right in less than a week we will be getting back in shape and shaking off the winter yucks! Granted we start out pretty slow, there will be walking involved too, but I am so excited to pull my running shoes out and dust them off and burn some pent up energy. The last day we ran was November 23rd when we attempted to go in the morning once to the community center. Seems so long ago now.

Other things I look forward to about spring? Hoping to do some good yard work this year, we did so much indoor work last year that I am glad got done - but I'm looking forward to making our yard look nicer. Maybe actually do some planting. Staying on top of things like my rhubarb this year.

I am nervous about the big melt - we have been prone to getting water in some spots inside before, so I hope that does not happen. I've already been kind of on alert for that and will continue to keep my eyes out for it.

But other than that I am ready! Bring on spring!


Joseph Scarbrough said...

Ugh. Spring hit us early down here this year... it's like we skipped half of February, and jumped straight into the middle of March... not something I've been enjoying really, after all that wicked awesome snow and everything back in January, that we don't usually get... I'm missin' it, lol.

Oh... in case you couldn't tell, it's me, Snowthy.

Gina said...

I am ready for spring to come! I can't wait to do things outside and not freeze. Plus not having to look at all of that snow! That is a plus! Spring is on it's way...I can feel it!