And we're off!

We started our running program again! Yesterday was a simple walk, but today we had to actually run for one minute at a time twice. And it felt pretty good! Last year on the first day we could barely make that one minute!

I'm just so glad to be moving again, I used our elliptical machine during most of the winter, but I didn't feel like I got nearly as much of a workout. And unfortunately Nate really didn't do much at all. We had planned to try and find something we could do indoors on the free/cheap, but then Nate got so sick right before Christmas and then other things came up and suddenly here we are.

Now of course, the weather has decided to take a turn back into winter it sounds like this week, so I am not sure yet how it might affect us. We do such a minimal amount right now that I hope we can just power through at this point, but we'll see how things go. If we have to start over next week we will, but one thing is for certain - we are off and running! And it feels so good!

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