Small Victories in a Tough Week

It has been a week.

Between work issues for me, work issues for Nate, watching the devastation in Japan, adjusting to daylights savings time and everything in between it was not the best week ever. But, in spite of all that and maybe because I have been reflecting on Japan and how things could be worse, I'm choosing to celebrate the small victories today.

Surviving. I have survived a rather challenging at times week. And I will be a better person for it. It was a good experience to have even though I was less than happy about it at times.

Appreciation. I will not ever again take for granted anything about my job. From my commute, to my supportive boss and the organized way we do things, I have a new found appreciation for all of it.

Relaxation. We had a relaxing evening yesterday and we'll get another one unexpectedly tonight and I'm not complaining. It's needed.

Return to Running. We are planning to start on Sunday still even though the weather next week is starting to not sound so good. I'm hopeful it will just be a small bump in the road if it actually does, cough, snow, cough.

So there you go. A few small victories in a less than grand week. Next week will be back to normal and much better. I'm thankful for that.

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Gina said...

What a great idea to pull the good things out of this week! Enjoy your relaxing night!