Winter blahs

*Warning - whiny weather related post coming up. I felt a disclaimer was only fair, ha ha!*

Anyone else have the winter blahs? You know, usually, I do not get spring fever until mid to late February. This year it's hitting me early and it's hitting me hard.

I'm tired of shoveling the driveway every time it snows.

I'm tired of cleaning off my car every time it snows.

I'm tired of bundling up and looking like Nanook of the North every time I go outside. (Side note - short hair and hats? Yeah, doesn't work so well.)

I'm tired of driving around cautiously, not sure if I'll find black ice at an intersection (I have spun my car twice this year - not hitting anything or anyone fortunately, but that's two times too many in my book.)

I miss the sun.

I miss grilling food for dinner.

I miss longer amounts of daylight.

Yes, this is all coming from the girl who not six months ago said "I am not a summer girl". Follow the link there to my blog post on a hot day. And how I said, "remind me of my complaining on a day in January when it's 20 below." It's not 20 below (yet) but look at me - I'm complaining.

I know, can I ever be happy? Ha ha. Seriously, fall and spring are the best times of the year I think. And I do enjoy winter sometimes - I like snow even. I enjoy winter activities and sweatshirts and jeans are my favorite form of clothing so that works well for me. I think the fact that our fall got cut WAY short this year with the arrival of a snowstorm on November 12th is what is seriously contributing to my attitude about winter at the present. And also the fact that we pretty much made the decision to just take a break from running through the winter. We never found a solution that worked well for us. I use the elliptical every day but it is not quite the same.

So, I'm anxiously waiting for the snow to melt just a bit and the air to thaw a little. Just enough so we can get at our grill again. Enough that I don't have to squash my hair with a hat when I go outside. Enough that I can drive and not fear what my car is going to do. I don't need to rush spring, just enough of a thaw to take the edge off winter, just a little.

That's not too much to ask of Mother Nature right? Yeah, that's what I thought.

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Jes said...

I agree! Just a little bit of a warm up...enough to go sledding or something fun :) We'll get there! Hopefully soon! Hat solution: buy enough cute, warm hats that you can wear one every day, and just leave it on! Simple, and it involves shopping ;)