First Random Thoughts of 2011

Been awhile since I've just posted a bunch of random thoughts, so guess what? You're in for a treat today! Either that or you're rolling your eyes and clicking the "Close Box" right now, but if not, read on my friends.

-Looking back on January's past I realized, so little goes on in this first month of the year. Many times it flies by barely noticed and in the blink of an eye. I don't know if it's because it is so darn cold that we just hunker down and hibernate until it's all over? I know in years past January was spent gearing up for the Follies show at our old church, but we haven't had that now for a couple of years. It is just a very uneventful month. So far this month is shaping up to be a little more exciting than usual - I planned a Partylite party with Miss Gina and we're hoping to go the Ominfest at the Science Museum and a couple of other things. So that is kind of nice.

-I have never been one to like Pop Tarts. I can remember my peers being so excited to get them as a treat when we were kids and being like "I don't get it, I don't like these." Well let me tell you this Christmas season, thanks to a friend who got to review them on her blog, I discovered Gingerbread Pop Tarts. And let me tell you - these are so good. Like so good. They go great with my morning coffee. They're not like regular Pop Tarts. I love them. I was so excited that Target still have a few boxes left on the day before New Year's Eve - because I had to get some more to enjoy these for just a bit longer!

-We have finally killed two of the kegs out of the bar - which means Nate gets to keg up some fresh batches of beer and we'll have new ones to sample finally. He has two that he brewed a couple of months ago now, so it will be nice to finally get to try them! We have one more keg that is almost gone too, so he's going to have to brew yet another batch. Darn. Ha ha.

-We actually found some people to buy Nate's old Taurus, which is very exciting. We're getting about as much money as we'd probably have gotten back on taxes for donating it, the perk, we'll have the money now as opposed to later. Of course, the fan had to not be working when they came to get it last night, but it was likely clogged with ice, so we're trying again today now that it is warmer and worst case scenario, Nate will replace it real quick, sounds like it's an easy pop one out pop another one in type deal. And then my driveway will be back to having only two cars in it! Score!

-Our cat Pippin has been very naughty as of late, clawing at the couch and no matter how much claw trimming I'd do or where we'd stick her scratching post, she'd still do it. I finally dug out this cat house that is quite large and is also made for scratching and stuck it in front of the couch, I just hate how much room it takes up which is why I'd put it away, but it made such a huge difference - she doesn't touch the couch at all anymore. And her and Taylor (the other cat, who does not have claws, long story for another day) are having fun playing "king of the tower" with it. So it's not asthetically pleasing, but I'd rather keep my couch in good shape and keep my kitties happy! I'll leave with a couple of pictures of the cats and the cat house so you can see what I mean.

Taylor is "king of the cat tower"

I thought Pippin was stuck at first - no, just hanging out

So there you have it. First random thoughts post of 2011. I'm sure there will be more to come! Right now I'm blaming it on the fog I'm in from this minor cold - I still don't have it nearly as bad as Nate did, but it could be done with me anytime now!


Gina said...

I'm looking forward to your party on the 22nd! It's going to be so much fun!

Jes said...

Ha! I love your cats :) The cat tower is kind of cute with them on it!

Julie said...

I totally forgot about the Follies. So that is what kept me so busy during the winter...