Taking back Sundays

Sundays are supposed to be restful. Reflective. Relaxing. But, for us lately, that hasn't been the case. It really hasn't been the case for quite a long time now actually.

We started treating Sundays as the one day of the weekend to get everything done. Grocery shopping. Chores. Stuff that is actually more work. Definitely not relaxing.

The biggest thing, is the grocery shopping. I don't know why I chose Sundays as our day to do this. The store is usually extremely crowded. If we have been at church in the morning, by the time we get home and have had lunch and are ready to head out there, it's nearly the end of the afternoon. By the time we finish at the store we get home in time to have dinner and then the day is gone. If we have other errands to run? Forget it. The whole day is just shot. And lately, it's been getting to us. We're not going to bed feeling refreshed to face our workday. Instead we're wiped from rushing around all day.

So, we decided, let's try taking back our Sundays. The simplest way we could do that is as I mentioned last week, find an evening that's free and do the shopping then. We're on week two of this experiment and we're loving it so far. Yesterday we were gifted with it not being a Sunday that we had to sing somewhere, so we slept in, went out to breakfast and then came home to make a roast. We had the whole afternoon to just work on the roast and while it cooked we got to relax and it was great.

It may sound so simple and maybe even a little silly, but I really love Sundays now! The challenge is finding an evening to go to the store and making sure our meals are planned out but so far, we're making it work pretty well.

My goal for 2011 is to keep it going. Keep Sundays sacred, or well, at least stress free!


Gina said...

What a great idea! I love it when Sundays are relaxing. It truely makes the start of the week seem less stressful!

Cyndy said...

Hope it keeps working for you...Anything to make the weekend seem longer and more relaxing...I say way to go.

Jes said...

Good luck! I hope it works out dear :)

Julie said...

I avoid any and every store on Sundays. They are just so crazy that I get frustrated at other shoppers. It's best that I just stay home.
I go grocery shopping when I'm done working on Monday nights. It's 9pm...front row parking and clear aisles....well, just night stocking pallets but I can deal with those.