A good weekend

It's been awhile since I've had a weekend as lovely as this last one was. Not to say I've had bad weekends as of late, but through the holiday season they were so busy. Or they were snowy. They definitely haven't led to much couple time for just Nate and I. So this weekend was a much needed treat.

We still did a lot of stuff this weekend too - but it was all on our own timetable for the most part. And we managed to have dinner with both sets of parents too! Otherwise, we visited the homebrew store so Nate can clean kegs and fill them with new deliciousness. We bought a TV with the money we got from selling Nate's Taurus. We really didn't need a new TV, but we found one for a good price that is a little bigger than our current one and still fits our space. Plus, it has a few more plug ins than our current one had as well so if we want to add like an Apple TV or something we can. And now we're going to mount the old one on the wall in our bedroom so I can get my old boxy one off of my dresser! It's not like we even watch THAT much TV - but it was a fun purchase.

We spent the rest of the weekend watching things on the new TV, playing a few video games and just relaxing. It was a great weekend.

Something that is going to help us make the most of our weekends is that we're trying something new in terms of when we grocery shop. I don't really know why or how we made Sundays our grocery day, but we have for the last four years. And some weeks it really eats into our Sunday. We like going together and both having input and such, so we've decided we're going to try going on an evening for awhile and see how that goes. So, this week we're trying Tuesday. We're going to try to change "how" we shop as well - which will help us not go out as much as we really try hard to save money this year.

I guess it's the little things sometimes that make a difference! At any rate, I'm feeling good after a nice weekend with the person who means more than life itself to me, so that's a good way to start a Monday!

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Jes said...

I bet I know what you are saving for ;)