Money makes the world go round

Anyone else noticing how expensive the world has gotten since the calendar turned to 2011? Maybe it's just me, but it feels that way just a wee bit.

Gas prices have shot up again, which they did warn us about in the news quite a bit, so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised. I hope the predictions of where those prices could go by this summer are wrong, especially when we're planning a road trip to St. Louis to visit the Kondrick relatives that live there. Fortunately we should only have the gas as our main expense for that trip, but still, if the prices climb higher...

Then there is groceries. Because we are working hard to not go out as often, we expected that our grocery bills could be a bit higher. But so far I'm a bit in sticker shock. The biggest thing I've noticed - though again, it was reported in the news so I'm not as surprised - is coffee has gone up in price. Not enough that I'm quitting my addiction mind you, but I am watching for deals a bit more. I'll buy what's cheap each week, that's fine.

My Netflix subscription went up a little bit awhile back - which I knew about - but hadn't really paid attention to until recently. I don't want to give it up - but man.

I'm sure there are other things as well, I guess because I'm working on being more budget conscious, I'm noticing these things just that much more. I saw a friend on Facebook post about wanting a money tree and I thought - wouldn't that be just awesome?

Fortunately, it's getting to be tax time and we'll likely get a refund, so that will be nice to help with projects since day to day life is coming with a bigger price tag!


Gina said...

I know what you mean about some prices going up! For the grocery it's only going to get worse with the gas prices being high. I hope they don't get too high in the summer either since we're going to IL for his grandma's 90th birthday.

Julie said...

I have Netflix too. Did you hear that they plan to phase out DVD's by mail and just to video-streaming within the next 2 years. I'm kind of bummed because gettting a DVD in the mail is half the fun.