Blog changes

Change is good.

I have been reading up and looking into different things that can help "spice up" my blog so to speak. Well, ok the appearance of it anyway, not necessarily the content (though that probably could use some spicing up too, so I'm not just always doing things like whining about the weather...)

Many of them involve some different things like fonts and signatures - which are not as easy to use as I had hoped, but I'm working on it.

Starting today, I am going to be ending each post with a signature. Just something I thought I'd try and that I was easily able to figure out myself. It's nothing special - just my name. I have no secrets on this blog and nothing that I'm ashamed to post. So signing off with my first name is just fine with me.

Or I could end up hating it after awhile too. We'll see how it goes.

With any luck, hopefully with the assistance of my tech savvy husband, I can play with some of the other things I've been experimenting with.

Stay tuned!


Jes said...

I noticed the signature right away - I like it!

Julie said...

Cute! I like the font of "Beth".