This weekend I....

This weekend I....

-Had a great dinner at Red Lobster on Friday night with my husband (yay no meat Fridays in Lent!)
-Watched a cute movie (Whip It)
-Went consignment shopping with my mom and got some incredible deals (Fossil purse for $30, heck yes!)
-Cleaned my house a bit
-At least gathered together all of our tax information so we can get those done
-Had a nice breakfast out with my husband other than the fact that our service was way super slow
-Restocked our house on a large number of items we were lacking - food, cat things, etc.
-Spent kind of alot of money due to the above, but some of it came from Sam's Club so hey, won't have to buy again for awhile
-Watched another movie that I had never seen from beginning to end
-Felt good, relaxed and re-energized to come back for the week.

After last week was less than fabulous, this weekend was just what I needed. Some retail therapy, some quality time with my husband and some time to relax. Today is a new day and I continue my mantra of "it's one day at a time". And as Willy Wonka says "Right, then, on we go."


Jes said...

I'm glad you had such a good weekend! I certainly hope this week is better!

"Right, then, on we go!"

Gina said...

Love the post!!! Sounds like you had a VERY relaxing weekend! Excellent quote to start off the week too!

simplicity said...

Sounds like a great weekend to me!