A finished decopauge project

I can finally share some pictures of my first finished decopauge project. Well, the first one that turned out and that I'm really proud of anyway. This is a plaque I made for my friend from college Justine, who is expecting her first baby next month. I know Justine reads the blog sometimes so I couldn't share the photos until I had given her the gift at her shower a week ago.
We found some adorable wrapping paper with Sesame Street characters on it. Then we took and covered a round plaque with pastel colored printer paper. On top of that we decopauged cut outs of the characters and the words Twinkle Twinkle Little Star that is also part of the wrapping paper. We finished it off with some decorative ribbon around the edge and to hang it up with!

I think the finished project is quite adorable! I sure hope Justine likes it too!

My current projects are a small box I'm covering with flowers - let me tell you, it gets hard on the eyes after awhile and a penguin that I'm covering with black and white wrapping paper we found. It's been fun to be crafty so far!


Gina said...

I loved this plaque!!! So adorable! Can't wait to see future finished products. You are very crafty my dear.

Jes said...

That is so very cool! You are very crafty! I'm glad to see you are enjoying it :)

Mrs. Schrader said...

I found the perfect place for it on the wall above the changing table. Love it and I'm happy to have such a crafty friend.