Planning for the future

My head is swimming a little bit right now, although not as badly as I thought it could be. Nate and I have begun the process of attempting to plan for our future in terms of retirement and that type of thing. And also looking into options for us in terms of life insurance if God forbid something happened to one of us.

I should back up here and explain how we even got on this track. My cousin recently became a financial advisor. And one of the things that they are encouraged to do to build a client base is pretty much call all of their friends and family to sit down and talk through their options and run an analysis. So, he called us about a month ago and asked if he could do just that for us and we agreed because really, it is something we need to look at and think about. Nate did get set up through his work last year on some retirement plans, but that's about it so far. And since we weren't crazy about the financial advisor he has through work, we had said, gee we should shop around for this and just hadn't really taken the steps to do so. So really, my cousin has given us a good kick in the butt to bring this to the forefront.

I don't like thinking about getting old or the scenarios of something happening to Nate, but it is a necessary evil in life, we have to be prepared for these things.

Fortunately my cousin and the person who's training him have been pretty great in bringing us through the process. We haven't made any decisions yet, we're considering the options they presented us and will make an informed decision in the near future. I'm thinking we'll end up going with him, but that's not a guarantee either. I have to say I do feel comfortable with him since he's obviously family and the guy who has been coming along with him is very relateable and appears to be close in age to ourselves and I think that makes all the difference.

I tell you, nothing makes you feel more "adult" and "grown up" than having these conversations though! I won't lie, there are times even after being married almost four years already that I feel like a kid playing house. But with this stuff, it's definitely more reality! At any rate, I am glad we're beginning to take these steps.


Gina said...

wow! I can understand your head swimming. We haven't done that sort of thing yet and I know we really should. On a side note, I love your pictures!!!

Mrs. Schrader said...

I'm just glad I'm not the only one who feels like after four years of marriage they are just playing house.

Jes said...

Very big decisions. Good luck!
I love the new pictures on your blog too ;)