Walk to run

So in our quest to get in shape and exercise more, I have somehow let Nate talk me into doing a program with him called "Walk to Run". Yeah you heard me right. Walk to RUN. This girl is going to attempt to start running.

Stop laughing, I'm serious.

I've made it pretty clear before that I'm not crazy about the idea of running, but this program eases you into it. We do alot of walking in the beginning in fact. Some days you only walk. And I want to help Nate stay motivated so I figured the best way to do it was try to do it with him. I figure if we get into it and it doesn't work out so well I can stop or just do walking with him. But I think it would be neat to try to get into jogging a bit.

The program is 12 weeks long and as I said before, starts out really simple. Yesterday for example we walked for 15 minutes and that was it. Today we walked for five, jogged for one and walked for another five. And that was enough to start!

We'll see how this goes. Along with our pushups and situps I may end up with abs of steel.

You're laughing again aren't you? That's ok, so am I! My main goal simply is better health, that's all. Anything else would be icing on the cake.


Gina said...

Way to go! That's awesome you're doing that with Nate. I'm loving the nicer weather. Steve and I went for a walk last night.

Jes said...

Sounds like a great program! You and Nate are so motivated! Way to go :)

simplicity said...

You can do it!!! :)