Getting in shape

So Nate and I are making an effort to get in shape. I have been pretty good about regular exercise for awhile now, but really wanted to work on strength training. Nate just really wants to get back into exercise all together. So, we're helping each other.

Over the weekend Nate got himself some fancy new tennis shoes. They are really nice and will work whether he is doing walking or jogging. A friend of his also has a watch that he's selling Nate that helps keep track of steps, miles, laps, etc. As the weather continues to improve it will be easier to get outside and get into walking or even jogging. I am also hoping to start biking more again too.

For strength training we've taken a couple of different challenges. We found an online program called "One Hundred Pushups" that first of all teaches you how to do them correctly and then gets you into a program where you do so many sets every other day or so working your way up to eventually being able to do one hundred. Right now I'm up to seven, ha ha. There's a similar program for situps so we've started that one as well. One day we do the push ups, the next we do the sit ups. It's intense, but it seems to be making me stronger!

I am happy that we're working on this together and can help each other out. I look forward to when we can get outside and go for walks in the evenings! I think we're getting close to that point!


simplicity said...

Way to go! Good for you guys, especially as it warms up and gets nice outside!!

Jes said...

Awesome!! It is nice to be able to work on it together and have a partner. It makes it much more fun, as well as being good for you!

Gina said...

Oh the walks outside sound so wonderful! I know Steve and I try to do that too when it's nice out. What good motivation the two of are for each other!!!