I think it's going to rain today

When you have an extended family as large as my mom's is, there is bound to be issues and drama. It just is what it is. We often joke that we could write a book or a soap opera.

Today however I'm not laughing. Today I am sad for a member of our extended family who is pretty close in age to myself. I am sad for the struggles that this person is enduring and the tough road they have yet to face. I am sad that they are forever changed from the person they used to be.

We grew up side by side. We played at the park. We played with toy cars. We teased each other and laughed and fought like siblings. And I never dreamed back then in those young innocent days of childhood that this is how things would turn out.

I hold this person and those closest to them in prayer as it's the best thing I can really do. And from here I move on, because life does go on. But today I am allowing myself just a bit of sadness and almost a little bit of mourning over a situation that sadly no one can control. It's up to God and we have to trust Him.

Broken windows and empty hallways,a pale dead moon in a sky streaked with grey.
Human kindness is overflowing,and I think it's gonna rain today.
Scarecrows dressed in the latest styles,the frozen smiles to chase love away.
Human kindness is overflowing,and I think it's gonna rain today.
-Taken from I Think It's Going to Rain Today by Randy Newman

*I am respecting privacy in this situation as well, hence the vagueness. I probably will not say much more than this in the future. Thanks for understanding, I just needed to write this for myself mostly*


Gina said...

Oh honey, you, and your family affected by this are in my prayers as well. Hopefully the prayers will be answered and your family can find some comfort. I hope and pray that in the shadows there may be a glimmer of light they can grab and hold on to.

Jes said...

May you all have strength for the journey.