A nice weekend

We had a really nice weekend. Not that our weekends aren't usually good, but this one was particularly awesome. I had a not so great week at work, full of a few moments that served to remind me that I'm not always perfect (Shock! More musings on this to come actually) and it was also just a busy one for both Nate and I.

So, Friday night we kicked off our weekend the right way by having dinner at a favorite restaurant. We are both huge fans of Donatelli's in White Bear Lake. It's some of the most yummy italian food ever. Originally Nate really wanted to go try someplace new on Friday but due to getting home late, this was the easiest option. And like usual, it did not disappoint. Baked italian goodies and a nice glass of chianti and suddenly all the stress of the entire week was melted away.

Saturday I left him to his own devices and went to a candle party at my dear friend Gina's house, as she is now a consultant for Partylite and it was her big kick off into sales. I will soon have lovely scented things in my home once again, I had burned off most of my candles from my candle party last summer. It was also nice to catch up with a couple of my sorority sisters who were able to come to the candle party as well and things are going very well for both of them so that made me happy to hear.

Saturday evening was a Praise Project rehearsal which went well, we have two upcoming dates that we are singing at the two churches we've been hooked up with. We have a website now (thanks to my tech savvie husband) that has our schedule of where we'll be through June. If you're so inclined, check out www.praise-project.org for all the details. We're also now an official non-profit organization, so that's exciting news as well.

Sunday I slept in. It was a little shameful. I was fully intending to get up and meet my parents at the 8:45 mass, but it just didn't happen. I did however get up in time to meet my sister-in-law Ali and her friend Lindsey for brunch in Edina. Ali and Lindsey are the gals that got me totally hooked on the LUSH products that I rave about from time to time and Lindsey had kindly placed an order for all of us from the UK Lush where the prices are a little bit lower. The goodies arrived on Thursday so we got together so she could hand them out.

After our brunch I headed home and helped Nate cook all afternoon. We made indian food for his parents and it's a bit time consuming. The results are totally worth it though! We had a nice dinner. I finished out my weekend by using some of my new LUSH products - specifically a hand treatment that was so nice on my dry, winter abused hands.

I'm trying to get back into my blogging groove a bit more. It's a goal I have moving forward, so stay tuned for more frequent postings!


Jes said...

Sounds like such a lovely weekend! You are definitely making me want to try out LUSH!

Beth said...

You should try LUSH it is awesome!

I'm leaving a comment on my own blog also to test it out as I heard some folks were having trouble.