A catching up sort of post

So it was kind of a blah, depressing weather situation this weekend, but we made the most of it anyway!

Saturday we pretty much vegged around the house doing very little, but it felt so good to do that! We've had a pretty hectic schedule even though it is now very much post holiday craziness! We did venture out on Saturday evening to what has become a new favorite restaurant, True Thai in Minneapolis. I've been craving Thai food ever since the Sawatdee fiasco, and we had sort of forgotten about this place we first visited back this fall, so we headed down there even though it was wet and miserable outside. We were very much rewarded for our efforts to get there, the food (and service) was amazing.

Sunday was a little more full of activity, we met my in-laws at Sarna's for brunch. After we were satisfied and stuffed we headed home where Nate messed around with his drums for a bit and I went down to my parents and started another decopage project with my mom. This one will be much nicer than our first attempt. If it turns out well enough, it will be a gift for an upcoming baby shower. After I was decopaged out, I returned home and Nate and I went and sold some books at Half Price Books and then visited the reincarnated Cheapo! If you recall in this post I was very depressed when the Cheapo music store near us closed down last summer. A new location has opened up a little further away from home, but not terribly far. I picked up three CD's for a very reasonable price so I was pleased.

Today I awoke to a snow covered car with frozen locks, so I am hoping that is not an omen for the week. I am trying to keep the positive vibes flowing even when the weather is trying to convince me otherwise!

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simplicity said...

Way to try and stay positive Beth! I hope your start to your Tues was better than Mon.