Love is the little things

Today is Valentine's Day. We haven't really made that big of a deal out of this holiday for quite some time now due to many factors - some years I had a Follies rehearsal or show, one year I sang for a funeral vigil, another year I think Nate had a cold, etc. This year was not much exception, only due to the fact that as a married couple, we work hard to remember that we love each other each and every day of the year, not just on a day that's sort of pushed by card companies.

This is not to insult anyone who really gets into V-Day, but for us, simple is better. Now we did have a nice dinner out on Friday and today decided to have fun with attempting a homemade tiramisu as a special treat, but that story will come later. See, as I sat down to write this post I decided I wanted to share again some of the many reasons I love my husband, all days of the year, not just today. Sometimes it's the little things.

~He is brave.
While watching TV a little while ago, we heard a loud noise that kind of rattled our windows a bit. He didn't even hesitate to first check all through the inside of the house and to even investigate outside the house (we think it was the neighbors) putting my safety above his own.
~He is selfless.
He asks me every night if I would rather feed our cats or clean their litter boxes. We try to keep an equal partnership in caring for them, but I just feel it's super considerate of him to ask which task I'd rather do (and guess what, alot of times I actually choose the yucky boxes - but that's my choice, he leaves it up to me).
~He still surprises me every now and then
After I fell in love with the movie "Julie & Julia" last week and expressed my desire to try a more bold approach to cooking, I found out that he has "The Joy of French Cooking" by Julia Child on order from Amazon because he thought I might get a kick out of it.
~He wants to spend time with me
He'll choose watching a movie or playing Wii games with me over just putzing around on his computer just about every time the options are presented.
~He knows what's best for me
He is the first person who knows when I'm stressed or depressed or sick or anything and always knows just what I need. In the latest instance after a couple of stressful weeks at work, he suggested I take a day or even just an afternoon off, which I did this last Friday and it made a world of difference for me.
~He makes me try new things
Whether it's a new food, TV show, game, book, movie or restaurant, he pushes me to try things I may not have otherwise. And almost 9 times out of 10, I am usually pretty glad that I did.
~He still says "I love you" right before we go to sleep every night, or leave the house in the morning for work or even just when hanging up the phone after a quick check in call. So powerful those little words and every bit as important as the first time they were ever said.

So today and every day, those are just a few of the many reasons I love my husband. Today is simply a good excuse to reflect on them and appreciate them all the more. Happy Valentine's Day my love. And Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.


Jes said...

Aw! That is the sweetest post! You and Nate are perfect together and I am so glad you are both happy :) Happy Valentine's day! (a day late!)

Gina said...

That is a great post! What a way to look at the greatest love of your life! You are so cute :)