Just a few updates

So after yesterday's somewhat heavy blog post I'm lightning things up today just a bit! (In all seriousness on that though - thanks for the support from those who gave me feedback, I was nervous about posting that but it felt good to do and hearing good feed back helped all the more)

This is just a random "what we've been up to" kind of post. Which honestly, isn't too terribly much! Although I am excited that I will finally have an update or two for the "Fun Couple" blog that I have so terribly abandoned! Other than that, here's the latest.

Once again for Lent this year I have given up swearing. It's not like I have the world's dirtiest mouth, but sometimes it is like I have tourettes or something if I'm frustrated - namely in the car, so I felt this was a good choice again. So far I'm doing ok. I could be doing better, but given the snow and traffic this morning, well, you get the idea.

Yesterday I had my first experience ever in filling out a workman's comp report. I was fine, but I did end up cutting my finger slightly while helping my boss package up a mail machine. Because I had to use a band-aid to stop the bleeding she ordered me to report it. It wasn't out of control or anything like that, but better to be safe than sorry I guess! I was happy to discover I was up to date on my tetanus vaccine so I didn't have to worry about that.

We finally have a new beer at home for the first time in quite awhile. Nate's newest brew is a Bourbon Aged Stout or something to that affect. All I know is he soaked wood chips in bourbon (the recipe seriously calls for this) and added that to the mix while he was brewing and given the heavy nature of this one, it needed to ferment for quite awhile. We finally kegged it about a week ago and this weekend it was finally ready to go. And this one is quite yummy. May be my favorite one we've had in awhile, but I am also the weird girl who likes dark beer!

I tried sushi again over the weekend. I'm still not totally in love, but didn't gag on it at all like a previous time Nate forced, I mean, encouraged me to try it. I won't completely give up on ever liking it, but I'm not sold yet.

My Lush obsession continues. Work is busy for both of us. Kind of the same old same old. We just take life one day at a time and you know what, I like it like that!

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Jes said...

The new beer is awesome!!
I'm glad you didn't gag on the sushi ;) No worries, you don't have to like it that much, since that restaurant has a little something for everyone! :D