The penguin

So it's no secret to my readers and people who know me I think that I love penguins. This is a relatively new thing in my life, and by that I mean it's just something I stumbled onto about four years ago. I decided that when Nate and I got married, our house would be the penguin house at the holidays. And it's gotten to a point where it's the penguin house even beyond the holidays, but most of them come out just for Christmas.

My in-laws, knowing that I love penguins and always being up for a practical joke, decided to surprise Nate and I with a little treat the other night. They had called and asked to stop by and pick up a sport coat that Nate was borrowing his dad for a wedding reception. In return we asked if they'd bring by a movie for us to watch. So we were sitting up in our living room waiting for them to show up - Nate was reading a magazine and I was fiddling around on my laptop. We heard them pull up and close doors - but not come in right away. We were pondering just what they were doing, figuring, hmm, maybe they are building a snowman.

It didn't really occur to either one of us to just open the door and see. We just figured they thought it would be funny to make a snowman in our yard and when they got cold enough they'd come inside. 15 minutes later they finally knocked on the door.

I said "Oh I know what you guys were doing out there" and they said "oh really? Take a look out your window." I fully expected to see a snowman but instead was greeted with this:

Well ok, it was from behind of course since I was in the house. But anyway, definitely not what I was expecting! Nate came over then to see and we both just started laughing.

Neither one of us are really big fans of the inflatables people put up, but you have to admit, this guy is kind of cute. In the spirit of the season, we'll definitely allow him to reside in our yard. The day after Christmas though is another story. At least he will collapse and store well!


Gina said...

well it fits your penguin theme. I don't think the inflatables are all that bad. Depends upon how they are used for decoration. Anyway your new addition is very nice.

Jes said...

I do think that is one of the cutest inflatable penguins, and one of the few inflatables I like - definitely a good Christmas thing :)