Christmas Spirit

I'm now more in the Christmas spirit than I was earlier this week. Yesterday I was feeling kind of down and as I mentioned, a wee stressed, worried and overwhelmed. But then on my way home from work, I turned on the Christmas radio station in the car and suddenly all was well. It's funny how some of my favorite Christmas carols can suddenly put me in a good mood and it has definitely put me back into the Christmas spirit. I intend to keep it going from here on out!

To spread some Christmas cheer (sing loud for all to hear...oh wait, that's the movie Elf...) I thought I'd share some pictures of our Christmas decor at home. They're not the most exciting ever, but it's the small and simple things that count sometimes!

My snowmen and penguins greet visitors when you come in the door

Kermit is all decked out for winter

The shelves of my lamp are all full

Stockings and nativity

Tree, although a little fuzzy
Hope everyone else is finding the Christmas spirit in their days as well! Enjoy every moment, it will fly by quickly!

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Jes said...

I love your Christmas decorations! Especially the penguins :)