It's out of our control

I don't know if it's hype or if we really will be seeing the storm of the century over the next couple of days here, but I'm trying really hard to go with the philosophy of whatever happens, happens and it's out of our control so we have to make the most of it.

I do work tomorrow morning, but the good news is we'll only have the first few inches of the storm and I do live close so it could be worse. In the evening we go have dinner at my in-laws, as is our Christmas Eve tradition, but again, we live just a few blocks away so we should have no trouble getting there.

Christmas Day is where it gets a wee bit harrier - I was asked to cantor the 8:45 service at St. Williams and will need to arrive by 8:00. However, I have four wheel drive and so do my parents so I think I should be able to get there with no problems. After mass we do presents at my parents house, again, not a far drive. Then it's back to my in-laws, shouldn't be a problem.

The furthest we have to go is my aunt's house in Uptown, but if they keep the freeways clear we shouldn't have a problem. Getting in and out of her neighborhood may be another story. That's the part that concerns me the most right now. Then after dinner we usually hit up Nate's grandparents and well, we could walk there!

So the name of the game is taking our time and playing it all by ear. Maybe build a snowman or two if nothing else! Have a snowball fight. It could end up being kind of fun. Or maybe an adventure. Yes, that's it, the Great Christmas Adventure of 2009!

I will probably not blog again until after the whole nine yards so - Merry Christmas to all of my readers and if you are in the MN area - STAY SAFE!!!

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