The Great Christmas Adventure of 2009

Well the adventure is over. We survived the snow, the traveling, the family crazy togetherness and everything else that went with the Christmas four day weekend. Well almost four day weekend.

Christmas Eve I was up bright and early and made it to work in near record time even with the snowy roads! I put in about three hours before I was able to get out of the office and start my celebrations. I headed to my parents to finish some last minute gift wrapping and then home to spend some time with Nate. It's become our tradition to open gifts to each other on Christmas Eve so we did that. He gave me an awesome Sesame Street 40th Anniversary coffee table book and the Wii Sports Resort game - which we had some fun playing with that afternoon! I gave him some clothes (yes boring) and the new Super Mario Brothers Wii game - which is hard!!

I then made my green bean casserole and we headed to his parents house for dinner. It was a wonderful meal, ham, potatoes, green beans, salad, rolls. I was stuffed! We sat by the fire and had a nice relaxing evening.

Christmas morning I was once again up pretty early as I was asked to cantor the 8:45 service at St. Williams. My parents were very kind and picked me up so I wouldn't have to clean my car off in a skirt! I told Nate to go ahead and sleep in and just meet us at my parents house since I knew he'd have to shovel some more.

After church we had breakfast with my parents and opened gifts with them. Then we headed back up the hill and opened gifts with Nate's parents and Ali. After that we stopped home and discovered the plows had come through again and we had to clear out the end of the driveway before we could even drive in. That was some heavy, awful snow to shovel, but we got it done in about a half hour. I took a quick shower and then we drove across town to my aunt Michelle's house in Uptown for dinner. By now the roads were mostly just wet. We had a nice visit there and then headed back to our neighborhood to Nate's grandparents where we played the Dice Game with white elephant gifts. We were home by a little after 8:00. Very long day, but nice to see everyone.

After all of that, we layed low the rest of the weekend. Saturday I had lunch with my dear friend Gina and then Nate and I played our new video games and had dinner at a smallish bar/grill in town and watched a movie. Sunday we had two masses with Praise Project and then Nate went to a movie with Ali - it wasn't one I was too interested in so I was able to get a little "me time" in the afternoon which was nice.

And now we're gearing up for New Years and getting back to "normal" so to speak. I think after the holidays settle down a bit more we might get to another major painting project at home, and I sincerely hope it will not take us six months to complete it this time!

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