You can't make this stuff up

I don't normally blog about work but I have to tell you, there are some stories that are too good not to share.

We (as in Fairview) recently took on building maintenance for the office building that I'm housed in. There are still two "non FV" tenants in the building, but the rest of it is FV related, so it only made sense to stop outsourcing the property management. We took over on January 1st and so far it's been super quiet.

Today I come back from lunch and a meeting to a message from one of the non-FV tenants. She wanted to report that she witnessed two individuals stealing a potted plant from our first floor lobby. She didn't want to confront them, which is perfectly fine, she shouldn't have, but she did observe enough to have gotten a vehicle description and a license plate.

So, I told my boss about it and she had me call it in as a report to the police department. While it isn't a huge deal, it has happened here before and being that we had some description of who might have done it, it seemed valid to report as a theft.

I was transferred several times when I called the non-emergency police line and gave my story every time, feeling my cheeks blush because it really sounds ridiculous. And one of the people who picked up when I was transferred was already laughing when she said hello. Thanks City of Fridley workers, you're awesome. *Big Fat Raspberry*

Seriously though, I don't blame them for laughing. It's just the stupidest sounding thing ever. "I'd like to report a stolen plant."

No sooner than I hung up with the police then the front desk from the clinic called, a patient noticed a vehicle with an odd smell out in the parking lot and was concerned it might blow up. No one in the clinic was claiming said car. We checked and it appeared to only be leaking anti-freeze. And no, it's not the car that was reported fleeing the building with our plant.

You just can't make this stuff up.

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Gina said...

OMG...that is so funny!