Car woes

So I think it's time for me to go on another shopping ban. Not that I got out of control after my last one ended, but with Christmas shopping, after Christmas sales and what not, my spending was up a bit in December. And I have a motivation to curb my habit again - my car.

I love my car, I truly do, but I did buy it used and I have already owned it for close to five years (which is mind blowing to me sometimes) and sadly, there are some bigger things that need to be done to it sooner rather than later.

Of course, my father in law and Nate would usually be the ones to take care of these things, but my father in law is now retired, so we're on the hunt for a new mechanic. We used to take cars to a family friend, but that is not an option I'm considering after my dad had a falling out with said friend. So, the hunt is on. Thankfully I've been given a couple of good suggestions, so I have options, now I'm going to call up a couple of them to see who has the best price for the job.

I do wonder just how much work I really want to put into the car or if I want to save my money and work towards buying something else, but I figure I'll at least start on some of the repairs.

If it's not one thing it's another, that much I know! I am really wishing I had that Money Tree in my backyard!

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Gina said...

Well, if I ever find a money tree I will let you know! I hope you can find some good prices out there!