Meat. It's Whats for Dinner

We're big carnivores at our house. I have no shame. It is just how we were both raised, big meat and potato kind of families. Pork, beef, chicken, you name it, we eat it.

We've been on a quest lately for a different meat market. We used to go to one in Northeast Mpls for a very long time and my mom still goes there, but some of the cuts of various kinds of meat we've had from there lately have not been as much to our liking. So we're shopping around. We do buy some meat right at the grocery store, but it's always better when it comes from a butcher.

This weekend we went to Von Hanson's. They have several locations in the area. Ali actually introduced us to them a couple of years ago because there is one near her house. I remember the meat she cooked from there being really good, so we decided to finally try it for ourselves. So far, it's been pretty good. We grilled some steaks from there on Sunday. I think they would have been better had Nate not had an unpreventable grease fire on the grill though. We also tried their bacon and we have some hot dogs too.

But, we're looking into other places as well. Found some reviews online of a couple of meat markets that were pretty positive and they aren't terribly far from our house, so we'll give them a go as well. I'm not sure just what Nate is looking for in this quest, but it's fun to try stuff out!

It's a long shot, but any of you MN peeps have a favorite meat place you like to go? Just curious, if so, leave me a comment.

A long time ago Nate and his friend Matt decided there needed to be a National Meat Day holiday and even declared a day to be said holiday, though I wouldn't be surprised if it already existed. I have some friends whom I love and respect a great deal who are vegetarians and I think that is truly awesome. But I can't help loving me some meat!


Gina said...

I hear you! I love me some meat too! Steve and I are the same way. We are a very big meat and potatoes type family. Do you find the meat prices cheaper at a meat market? I have never bought my meat there before.

Jes said...

I like the butchers at Byerly's as well (of course I go there because it is so close to work for me). I'm not certain how it compares price wise, but they do have sales every week, and I have never been disappointed in anything I have gotten from there.

Julie said...

I only shop at one meat market and it's "Thielen's". The only problem for you is that it's in my parent's hometown. So.. it you're ever on your way Up North, pull off Hwy 10 in Little Falls and they're right off the Hwy on 27.
Best Bacon Ever! They were featured in the New York Times about 5 years ago and have a contract with Byerlys/Lunds. I've tried Von Hanson's and I wasn't too impressed.