More this and that

Well hello winter! Man, is it cold outside! We have been so spoiled by this winter so far, today was hard to take! I'm thankful for my winter parka!

So the consensus so far is that my cupcakes are tasty! I mean I think they are, but my parents really liked them (I consider that high praise with my mom being a pretty master baker) and everyone at Nate's work really enjoyed them too. So, this weekend I might attempt part two if I have time - vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing. Hoping for the same results!

So I've been playing Scrabble type games with friends on my iPhone, which is super fun, but man, I need to go back to school! I have been getting my behind kicked pretty good so far, but I'm going to keep at it, I need the practice! It's good for me.

Beyond that, there is honestly nothing terribly exciting going on for us at the moment. I am totally OK with that! Fun stuff coming up soon though. For now we're just hibernating. I kind of like hibernating. Just call me Beth the Bear.

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Gina said...

Trust me I wouldn't be any good at Scrabble if Melissa didn't tell me about that app. Otherwise when I play I have 2 or 3 tile words. I'm HORRIBLE at that game!