Another weekend gone by....

...too quickly! Time always flies when you don't want it to. Anyway, it was a decent weekend even if it was too short.

Saturday was taken up mostly with a Praise Project gig, but there was mexican food and margaritas for me and Mr. Nate after the gig, so that was nice. And then we watched a movie, not a great one but it was something. So exciting yes?

Sunday was a little more interesting. Nate went to a movie with Ali and I went on a hunt for frosting supplies to assist in my next batch of cupcakes. Then I baked. I made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing this time. While the process wasn't quite as smooth as last week's, overall I am pleased and oh my are they tasty. Sweet, but tasty.

Look, I even attempted fancy frosting swirls with my new decorating supplies! For a first go at it, I don't think they're too bad!

I told Nate I probably will take a little break now before I make the cupcakes again, but it really has turned into a fun new little hobby for this winter. It is a lot of work though! I was pretty exhausted by the time I was done. We were lazy and grabbed burgers and fries from out for dinner then. Healthy? No. Tasty? Yes. Just means extra time on the elliptical for this girl.

Next weekend will be fun, we're going to our glass blowing/beer tasting class that I bought as a gift for Nate for Christmas. At the class we get to make a pint glass to take home with us! It should be interesting!

Today started out not the greatest ever, the snow/ice out there is just awful. Took 20 minutes to clean off my car and another almost 20 minutes to get to work. Gross. I want to clean out my garage and park in it. Or tear it down and build a bigger, heated one. Now, where did that Money Tree go again?


Jes said...

Those cupcakes look amazing!

Anonymous said...

you shouldn't tease old people with pictures of awesome cupckes !!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I got so excited i spelled cupcakes wrong !!!